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Get onboarded with Easebuzz payment gateway that offers industry best success rates along with 100+ payment modes and seamless checkouts.

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Trusted payment gateway in India for leading brands

Easily accept online payments on your website or app

Easebuzz payment gateway provides a secure and reliable method of accepting online payments for your business. It comes with best-in-class features like automated reconciliation, refund management, brand and discount coupons for your customers, etc.

  • 100+ payment options

    Accept payments through credit cards, debit cards, UPI, wallets, EMI & BNPL with Easebuzz payment gateway

  • Best payment success rate

    Higher payment success rates for enhanced customer experience and improved business revenues

  • Easy integration

    Developer friendly APIs and plugins to ease the integration process supported by detailed API documentation

  • iFrame checkout

    Embed the hosted checkout page on your website or app easily and offer seamless checkouts for your customers

  • Unified dashboard

    Dashboard with real-time transaction data, customisable reports, and detailed payment insights

  • Dedicated technical support

    24*7 technical support to help you with your integrations and any queries

why choose us
why choose us

Seamless checkouts with Easebuzz online payment gateway

Embed iFrame checkout page with customised branding, multilingual support and 100+ payment modes including credit card, debit card, 50+ netbanking options, UPI, and wallets to easily accept online payments from your customers.

Online payment gateway with 100+ payment methods

Accept payments from your customers through credit cards and debit cards on Easebuzz payment gateway.

Easebuzz payment gateway offers UPI option on checkout page to collect payments via UPI apps that enables your business to accept payments.

Start accepting payments through Netbanking option of 50+ banks including SBI, ICICI, HDFC, Axis, Kotak and Yes Bank on your checkout page.

Using Easebuzz payment gateway, you can easily accept payments through various mobile wallets of your customers.

Make your products affordable and accessible through easy EMI Plans on Easebuzz payment gateway.

Let your customers Buy Now and Pay Later through the BNPL option on Easebuzz payment gateway.

Give option for your customers to make an offline Bank transfer via NEFT, RTGS and IMPS and reconcile centrally.

Enable standing instructions for auto debit of recurring payments through eNACH or UPI 2.0 mandate for your customers.

Easily manage discount coupons & cashback offers

Brand coupons Get the power of coupons for your business through Easebuzz payment gateway. Enable third-party coupons to reward your customers and increase stickiness of your website.

Discount coupon engine With discount coupons get the accessibility to create and customise coupon codes, manage validity, payment mode-wise and bank wise applicability etc.

why choose us
why choose us

Benefits of using Easebuzz online payment gateway for your business

  • why choose us

    Quick and easy checkout process

  • why choose us

    Better customer experience

  • why choose us

    Reduces cart abandonment

  • why choose us

    Industry best success rates

  • why choose us

    Gather valuable insights

  • why choose us

    Wide range of payment options

  • why choose us

    Instant settlement

  • why choose us

    Better fraud management

Safe payments with best security & compliance

PCI DSS compliant

Easebuzz payment gateway offers secure payment processing methods and is PCI DSS Level- 1 compliant.

Card tokenization

Card tokenization will encrypt and replace sensitive data such as 16-digit card numbers, names, expiry dates, and security codes with a ‘token’.

Encryption and data masking

We keep a close track of the security events, vulnerabilities, anomolities to put in place respective preventive strategies by patching all infrastructure vulnerabilities and getting rid of obsolete encryption standards like TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1

Online payment gateway integrations made simple & easy

Easebuzz payment gateway comes with simple SDKs and APIs along with detailed API documentation

why choose us
why choose us

We are developer centric

Digitise your online payments and financial operations by easily integrating plug-and-play, developer-friendly APIs into your own tech stack, website, apps, ERPs and CRMs. Sign up and get started in minutes with Easebuzz payment solution platform.

What our customers say about us

Our experience with Easebuzz payment gateway has been excellent and it helped us with 4 times improvement in our payment success rates. Earlier, we used to face payment reconciliation issues, which have been resolved with Easebuzz platform’s auto reconciliation feature.

Tanya Saigal
Customer Experience
M2M Ferries

We are very happy with Easebuzz services and find it easy-to-use not only from a business perspective but also from a developer's point of view. We look forward to taking this partnership further.

Abhishek Kumar
Founder, Director

The best part about the Easebuzz API solution is their smooth onboarding process that automates the procedure including underwriting, making it effortless. Products from the Easebuzz payment solution suite including Slices and FeesBuzz have helped us in collecting payments with no fuss.

Anupam Jeevan
Dexpert Solutions

Manage end-to-end payment collections with complementing Easebuzz products

Digitise not just payments but end-to-end financial operations with tech-enabled SaaS solutions, tailor made for each sector

  • FeesBuzz
  • Forms
  • EasyCollect
  • Teller
  • InstaCollect
  • SmartBilling
  • Webstore

Why choose Easebuzz payment gateway solution?

  • Plug and play APIs

  • PCI DSS compliance level-1

  • Quick onboarding

  • 24*7 technical support

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Frequently Asked Questions

A payment gateway is an API used by businesses to accept payments online through different payment modes like credit cards, debit cards, UPI, ewallets, netbanking, etc. Businesses integrate payment gateways on their website or app to make sure their customers experience hassle-free payment transactions. The technology platform is PCI DSS complaint, making it highly secure, reliable and safe for digital transactions.

Easebuzz offers customisable pricing structure basis your business needs. Please connect with your relationship manager for more details.

Once the payment gateway integration is done in your system, it will start accepting card payments within a day. Payment gateway allows your customers to pay by credit card, debit card, 50+ net banking options, wallets like OLA Money, UPI and EMI.

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) applies to companies of any size that accept credit card payments. It refers to the technical and operational standards that businesses follow to secure and protect credit card data provided by cardholders and transmitted through card processing transactions. When your payment gateway is PCI DSS complaint, the transactions made on the platform is safe and secure.

Yes, you can accept payments via Netbanking. Easebuzz payment gateway allows you to accept payments online with 50+ Netbanking options like HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, AXIS Bank, YES Bank, State Bank of India etc.

In the process of integrating payment gateway in your system, KYC document is required as the details are captured via Easebuzz payments bank’s authorized application and are transmitted securely to our servers. These data are not stored in any representative’s handset. Our process follows strict regulatory guidelines laid down for banks and are frequently subjected to external audits.

If you already have a website you can directly integrate Easebuzz payment gateway. If not, collect payments without website using Payment Links from Easebuzz merchant dashboard and easily share the links with customers via Email / SMS / WhatsApp and start accepting payments online.

We work on the lowest margins and our pricing is the most competitive in the market. However, if you drive good volumes then you can also get customized pricing based on your needs. Goto contact us page and contact the sales team to know more. Easebuzz Payment gateway offers plans designed for startups, SMEs, large enterprises, etc.

Accept Payments Online from Different channels with All-In-One Payment Gateway Solution

  • As India heads toward a digital future, payment gateways like Easebuzz are at the vanguard of the digital revolution in the financial sector. A–s more and more Indian businesses turn their backs on cluttered and inconvenient cash transactions, Easebuzz steps in as your seamless all-in-one payment gateway solution. Businesses can accept customer payments from over 100 payment modes including credit cards, debit cards, online wallets, UPI, and more. You can also customize and configure the platform as per your preference to ensure smooth financial operations and streamline customer payouts.

Grow your business with India's Leading Payment Gateway for Website

  • Take your financial operations and transactions to the next level with the leading payment gateway in India for websites and apps. Today’s dynamic and fast-paced digital landscape demands a robust, safe, and reliable payment gateway for websites like Easebuzz. Accept customer payments within minutes and keep track of your finances on the go with Easebuzz. With multiple benefits like instant checkouts, high success rates, wide payment options, and instant settlements, Easebuzz is a leading payment gateway for websites in India.

Benefits of Using Easebuzz Payment Gateway

  • Accepting and making online payments shouldn’t be complicated. The last thing businesses want is to hear complaints from customers who aren’t able to pay them due to unforeseen hurdles and technical issues. Easebuzz is one of the leading payment gateways in India built to facilitate safe and secure online transactions. With over 100 payment options to choose from, round-the-clock customer support, and easy-to-integrate APIs and SDKs, Easebuzz has helped thousands of businesses transform their customer payouts and transactions.

Choose India's Best Payment Gateway Solution for Website

  • Easebuzz offers a safe and reliable payment gateway solution for businesses in India. It is a user-friendly SaaS platform that aims to help businesses of all shapes and forms digitize payments and bid farewell to inconvenient and unorganized cash transactions. With an assortment of useful features and online payment gateway integrations to choose from, Easebuzz is exactly what businesses need to accept customer payments across multiple payment channels.
  • Businesses can accept payments through credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets, UPI, and more with Easebuzz - a leading payment gateway for websites in India. Businesses can also use the discount coupon engine to create coupons, manage their validity, and tailor them based on payments and banks. We offer safe and secure payment processing methods and are PCI DSS Level-1 compliant which is why some of the top Indian brands trust us.
  • The plug-and-play developer-friendly APIs can easily integrate into your existing tech stack, websites, and applications enabling businesses to digitize online payments and financial operations. We also offer a wide range of complementing Easebuzz products to help our clients with end-to-end payment collection management.

How to add a payment gateway to the website

  • Businesses should know how to add or integrate a payment gateway to a website if they want to accept online payments from their customers. While it may seem daunting, integrating Easebuzz into your website is easy and pretty straightforward.
  • Pick an Easebuzz payment gateway provider that aligns with your business requirements. It is crucial to consider the different payment and integration options, security features, transaction fees, and other technicalities before making a decision.
  • Create a ‘user account’ or a merchant account with the payment gateway provider by entering basic information about your business. You will also need to provide your bank account details to ensure seamless payouts.
  • Install the payment gateway API plugin and integrate it within your website’s checkout process. Now, you need to configure payment gateway settings by setting up payment methods, preferred currency, transaction fees, and more. The final step is to check whether the payment gateway is working smoothly by making a few test transactions.

Payment Gateway for mobile apps

  • Integrating the Easebuzz payment gateway into your mobile app is quick and easy thanks to the Easebuzz SDKs. Create customized experiences with our powerful UI screens and elements to accept payments from your customers. We provide mobile SDKs for all the major platforms including Android, iOS, Flutter, Xamarin, React Native, Cordova, and more.
  • All SDKs support a range of payments including UPI, wallets, cash cards, credit/debit cards, Ola money, and EMI. The best part is that we are PCI-DSS compliant, making it one of the most secure and safe payment gateways in India.

How to choose the right payment gateway in India

  • With a plethora of payment gateways to choose from, it is crucial to make the right choice as per your requirements. What may work for others may not work for your business.
  • Here are a few ways to choose the right payment gateway in India.
    1. Pricing: Evaluate the pricing tiers of the payment gateway to check whether it fits your budget. Consider transaction fees, setup costs, and hidden charges before concluding.
    2. Benefits/Advantages: Go through the features and understand how your business can benefit from the payment gateway. Consider a payment gateway that enhances your business operations by offering features like multi-currency support, instant settlement, fast refunds, and integration options with popular e-commerce platforms.
    3. Tech support: Although a payment gateway may be user-friendly, there are chances that you may still need some guidance. Pick a payment gateway that offers round-the-clock customer support to address your queries.
    4. Usability: Opt for a payment gateway that is easy to use. Ensure that the user interface is clutter-free and that all the useful features are easy to find.
    5. Payment failure rate: High payment failure rates can frustrate you and your customers. Consider a payment gateway with a low failure rate to ensure your transactions are smooth.
    6. Additional services: Check whether a payment gateway provider offers additional services including fraud management, invoicing, subscription billing, and more.

Types of payment gateway available on Easebuzz

  • Pick from a range of payment gateways available on Easebuzz. These include:
    1. UPI payment gateway

      Accept UPI payments from customers who prefer paying via their preferred UPI app including PhonePe, Google Pay, BHIM, Paytm, and more with our UPI payment gateway. We offer several UPI solutions to help our clients accept payments into their bank accounts without any issues. The SDKs and APIs are easy to integrate and also come with detailed API documentation.
    2. Hosted payment gateway

      Easebuzz is one of the leading hosted payment gateways in India. The user-friendly and easy setup ensures that businesses can carry on with their daily operations without breaking a sweat. We are PCI-DSS compliant, making us a highly secure and safe payment gateway to complete online transactions. The best part is that you do not need a website to accept payments via a hosted payment gateway thanks to the payment links.
    3. Shopify payment gateway

      An e-commerce business cannot flourish without a robust payment gateway. Since Shopify does not have its own payment gateway in India, Easebuzz is your ally which solves this problem. Our tailored payment system is a perfect match for Shopify business owners looking to streamline payment collections and manage finances. Receive payments from customers without any hassles by integrating the Easebuzz Shopify payment gateway into your Shopify store.