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Transfer money to bank accounts, UPI handles from a wire virtual account or from your own current account. Now pay your vendors, disburse loans or process refunds/cashbacks instantly without any hassle.

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Wire payout features for your business

  • Instant beneficiary addition

    Now no need to wait for beneficiary activation with banks. Add and activate beneficiary accounts instantly. Use our Bulk Upload feature to add all your beneficiary accounts at once.

  • Multiple Payment modes

    Wire enables you to make transfers/send money to your beneficiaries using UPI, IMPS, NEFT or RTGS.

  • Multiple payouts at once

    No need to process hundreds of transactions manually one by one. Just upload a single sheet and we will take care of processing all your transactions and give you a detailed report of your processed transactions.

  • Reconciliation & Reporting

    Your virtual account comes with a complete account statement that will help you keep track of all the credits & debits happening in your virtual account. On-demand reports will help you get all the data you need for different departments. E.g Accounts, Management etc.

  • Maker-Checker Flow

    You can create rules based on amount and transactions will go through only if it gets all the approvals from the required members.

What is the vendor payout flow via Wire?

Connected Banking

With a connected banking setup, you do not need to park your funds in the easebuzz virtual account. You can directly start using payout services via your current account.

  • features
    • features

      You can use your existing current account or easebuzz will help you create a fully digital current account with our partner bank.

  • features
    • features

      You will have full control over your funds as you don't need to park your funds with Easebuzz virtual account.

  • features
    • features

      Payment Gateway settlements and Wire payouts could happen from the same account which would help in better cash flow & reconciliation.

Transfer money instantly with Payout Link

With Payout Link feature, you don't need to know your customer’s account details in order to transfer money to them. Just create a payout link and send it to your customer via email, sms or whatsapp.

  • Payout links are secured with OTP authentication

  • Create payout links via dashboard or API

  • Notify users via whatsapp for better reachability

  • Payout links can have expiry date as per your need

  • Multiple payment modes allowed

How Easebuzz Wire Transfer Payout Links Works?

Create a payout link from Dashboard or via API.

Upon creation, customers will receive email, sms & whatsapp with a payout link.

Customers will open this link, enter account details and get money directly into their provider account details.

Easebuzz Wire Payment Link Integration

We have introduced Tally to ease the accounting system. Its Free!

With Tally Integration you can import tally invoices directly to your wire account and make payments to your vendors. Once the payment is done, wire will automatically sync paid invoice status to tally.

Tally Work Flow - Wire Payments

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Developers Friendly

  • Wire comes with easy to integrate powerful APIs that your developers will have fun integrating. Each of the wire features are accessible over API.

  • Easy to understand & integrate.

  • Highly secure with our authentication mechanism & IP whitelisting functionality.

  • Faster response time.

  • Webhook functionality will help you get real-time updates on transaction status updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for a solution that would be your bulk payment system guide, Wire- is the right choice. It is fast, simple, and secure bulk payouts - go for Wire. Uploading a bulk transfer with Wire is very easy and can happen by uploading an Excel or even manually adding a beneficiary before you transfer. We automate and authenticate bulk transfers via APIs and make it much simpler as an alternative to uploading files on a bank portal.

Unlike banks, a single error can block all your payouts, Easebuzz ensures that valid transfers will go through even if there are error records in your file. Reconciliation with analytics is available on your dashboard and you can do transfer instantly without any risk.

Yes it is mandatory that your business is registered and only current account holders are allowed to use the application.

You need to sign-up online on easebuzz by clicking here - Just sign-up with your PAN card, Cheque book 1st page or bank statement and a few other documents. Once done, your relationship manager will call you and help you with the API set-up. This takes hardly a couple of hours.

Transfers can happen immediately depending on your business requirement. Transfers in excess of Rs 2 Lakhs may take longer as they might be restricted by the banks.

Yes, you can send money to any active savings or current bank account in India. However, NRE and NRO bank accounts are not supported.

Wire is a SaaS-based API used by businesses to make bulk payouts and helps in disbursing payments instantly via NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, and UPI handles.

Sign up with Easebuzz and integrate Easebuzz Wire within your ERP System. Start creating payout links via dashboard or API. The payout links are secured with OTP authentication and have an expiry date as per your business need.

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