Collect instant payments with virtual accounts and virtual UPI IDs through InstaCollect

Set-up virtual accounts and UPI IDs to accept instant payment via UPI/IMPS/NEFT/RTGS on InstaCollect. Automate your reconciliation process and easily transfer your payments from your virtual account to your bank account.

Trusted payment gateway in India for leading brands

Create and manage unlimited virtual accounts for instant payments with InstaCollect

Easebuzz InstaCollect simplifies business operations by generating virtual accounts with UPI IDs and QR codes through a user-friendly dashboard. Businesses can share collection requests and receive notifications for each payment. Whether handling franchise models or multiple business chains, the platform seamlessly links everything to a single master admin account, providing centralized viewing of transactions and reconciliations.

  • Multiple virtual accounts

    Create multiple virtual accounts through InstaCollect for instant payment collections through NEFT, RTGS, and IMPS.

  • Static & Dynamic QR codes

    Create static or dynamic QR codes from InstaCollect dashboard or via dashboard for QR code payments and receive UPI payments from customers.

  • Sub merchant model

    Submerchant model helps businesses to receive automated commissions and get direct access to sub merchant dashboard while keeping an eye on every transaction.

  • Capture flow

    Merchant has the flexibility to accept/ reject transactions automatically via webhook or manually through dashboard.

  • Order management system

    Orders created from InstaCollect dashboard as well as API helps to receive payment with better accessibility and easy integration.

  • Easy refunds

    Refund is easily initiated against any transaction using transaction id. The processing & the status of the refund can be seen on InstaCollect dashboard.

Settlements with InstaCollect

  • Instant payments received are easily tracked and settled through the Easebuzz dashboard.

  • Per transaction settlement can also be initiated to the master current account on InstaCollect dashboard.

Avail the benefits of InstaCollect

Benefits of using QR code payments through InstaCollect

  • Automatic split settlement

    The settled amount in the virtual account can be automatically split in multiple accounts.

  • Customisation of UPI Ids

    Merchants can create their customised UPI Ids as per the branding needs.

  • Multiple payment options

    Customers can make payments via NEFT, RTGS, IMPS and UPI.

  • Automatic reconciliation

    Saves reconciliation time and effort by automating the reconciliation process.

  • Account level visibility

    Merchant gets full visibility of every transaction received by the sub merchant from the customer.

  • Real-time notifications

    Merchants can update their systems with Webhooks and get real-time notifications on the systems.

Make transactions effortless with InstaCollect

Automate the reconciliation of incoming payments through NEFT, RTGS, IMPS directly into bank account. Watch the video to know more.

What our customers say about us

The development team at BigBasket found payment solutions easy-to-use. The service quality is awesome and helps us save on cost of operation. Easebuzz brings value in terms of customer satisfaction with their high success rates on payment solutions followed by easy-to-use seamless APIs.

George Francis
Marketing Lead

We have seen immense improvement in our fees collection process with Easebuzz as they have automated and digitized reconciliation for us. Even for parents, it has become a secure, faster way to pay fees. Typical challenges like fee refunds, defaults, and splitting fees between departments as per courses are solved easily with the solution provided to us.

Pinak Agrawal
Operations Officer - Branding & Media Relations
Parul University

As a leading real estate company, we at DLF required a solution to streamline our payment process and ensure accurate settlements for our collections. Easebuzz provided comprehensive payment solutions by understanding our needs. The API integration made it seamless for us to generate customer-specific payment links, and transaction-wise settlements ensured accurate reconciliation of our accounts. The sub-merchant module also provided flexibility in managing our individual properties and collection process.

Ms. Sandhya Singla
General Manager - Sales Finance and Accounts

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  • PCI DSS compliance level-1

  • Create instant payment links

  • 24*7 technical support

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Frequently Asked Questions

The advantage of Easebuzz InstaCollect is that it not only collects UPI payments or incoming bank transfers, but also tracks and reconciles payments automatically. This is done by using virtual UPI IDs and bank accounts, a facility that is not provided by banks.

A virtual account can be defined as a pass-through account that is linked to a real bank account. With businesses receiving payments from different sources over a period of time, tracking becomes extremely difficult. Virtual accounts help in these as they improve payment reconciliations, increasing ease and efficiency.

Customers can make payments to the bank account or UPI ID that they receive through simple IMPS, RTGS, NEFT or a preferred bank portal. While the payment is done to a virtual account, the payment process is just as seamless as the regular account.

Customers can make offline payments through NEFT or RTGS, but cash payments cannot be processed by virtual accounts.

If the virtual account is closed, Easebuzz will automatically refund the payment to the source within 1 business day.