Pay as you go

Payment is an event; collection is a continuous process. Easebuzz is rich in terms of solving problems around payment collections and enables it with APIs. Scale-up your Business with Easebuzz Payment Solutions Platform

Payment Acceptance

    Easebuzz offers customized pricing suitable for every business need.

    The pricing is applicable for products and features that solve problems around payment collections. Easebuzz value proposition is to remove friction after a payment is done.

    Our products and solutions are focused in creating mechanism around payments where the following is offered –

  • Dedicated dashboard with reconciliation features on all products

  • Coupon feature to offer cashback and discounts

  • SMS, Email and Whatsapp integration within our APIs

  • All products for collections will be available at the same price with no extra charges

  • Payment modes such as Cards (Visa, Master, Maestro, Rupay, Commercial cards), Wallets, UPI and Netbanking, Buy now pay later payment instruments shall be extended

Our Products

Explore our products available around Collections –

  • Easycollect - This product automates the reminder over payment collections for any merchant which has a due date-based collection mechanism.

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  • Slices - Marketplaces or businesses in franchisee model need to split payments to multiple parts so as to pay to vendors from customer’s transaction.

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  • Smartbilling - An easy-to-use invoicing solution where businesses can add any number of line items, send emails and SMS from the console and manage metered usage of products through customized subscription plans.

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  • Forms - Growing businesses need fees for registration collection with analytics and reports. BuildBuzz manages your front ending application form that can be created in 5 mins deeply coupled with payment infrastructure where you can manage registrations and measure outcomes with analytics.

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  • FeesBuzz - Plug-n-play your fees collection by managing instalments wise fees reconciliation. A strong and unique API based product for developers and educational entities used for collecting fees to plug any number of instalments for any number of students and ensure collections with instalments wise reconciliation.

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  • Teller - Teller is a product aimed to solve problems for the supply chain driven businesses where Teller gives them a book-keeping solution enabled with both collections and payables mechanism.

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Payment Disbursements

Easebuzz allows businesses to disburse their funds to distributors, vendors and Employees.

Wire Transfers

  • Send money to one or multiple accounts according to the date & time you fix

  • Platform fees with reconciliation reports and smart analytical dashboard

  • Payment instruments for Bank Transfer

  • Support, Email and SMS cost

Pricing applicable is for above features and it includes the below instruments –


Have a fixed deduction as per mandate signed and approved by your customer on a particular date.

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Smart Billing

Create bills for every recurring collection. Create subscription plans around invoices. Invoice can be split into multiple parts and is deeply coupled with SMS, email reminder mechanism.

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Process of sign-up

  • features

    Sign-up page - Link

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    Verify your email ID, phone number and you are set to login here - Link

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    Upload your KYC as per business entity type illustrated here - Link

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    A business representative shall call you to discuss business model and payment process flow

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    Agreement is signed and pricing is transparently shared over your registered email ID

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    All pricings are applicable as per usage of products and features available on the platform.

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    Settlements happen in “T”+1 working day to you. “T” being the date of transaction

  • features

    APIs are available to consume products and payment services whose documentation are available here - Link

100+ Payment Options

Our settlements happen in T+1 working days for all payment modes

Now you can enable Bharat QR which is interoperable on all UPI apps with Easebuzz payment gateway

You do not have to download a new app to make payment via BharatQR. Easebuzz UPI QR code supports all UPI apps which includes BHIM, Phonepe, Payzap, Google Pay (Tez), etc.

Why Easebuzz

  • Every solution within Easebuzz solves a problem

  • Fast and Easy APIs to integrate and go live

  • Analytics on dashboard with customization on reporting

  • Dedicated dashboard to manage real time refunds, transaction status and payouts

  • 100+ payment modes with E-nach facilities for subscription businesses

  • Six products available on one single price for solving your collection related problems

  • High success rates with multiple bank acquiring at the backend

  • Single Checkout- Iframe and Juspay integration is also live.

Scale-up your Business

with Easebuzz Payment Solutions Platform

Frequently Asked Questions

We currently support Indian currency transactions for payment processing. We will soon support international cards and transactions too.

We work on the lowest margins and our pricing is the most competitive in the market. However, if you drive good volumes then you can also get customized pricing based on your needs. Goto contact us page and contact the sales team to know more.

The refund process is initiated solely by the merchant from his dashboard. Once the refund goes to our acquiring bank, we enable refunds to the customer within 6 to 7 working days(maximum).

We settle all transactions to your bank account in "T"+1 working day. "T" being the date of transaction.

According to Visa/Master there are different sectors with different pricing slabs defined within all banks in the country. We support payment gateway services for all sectors and pricing is supported by the acquiring bank (Bank which provides Visa/Master mapping to us). We majorly support Education, Retail, NBFC, Housing, Government, Travel & Hospitality, and Telecom sector businesses.

100+ Payment Instruments