Fast and affordable B2B Invoicing Solution for your Business

Complete solution for all your B2B-Invoicing needs

  • Drop manual compliance processes and generate multiple e-invoices with GST Identification Numbers in seconds.
  • Increase Cashflow by regulating purchase-to-pay cycles.
  • Eliminate the time, energy, and stress of submitting invoices and tracking payments manually.
  • One stop solution for all book-keeping and accounting needs.
  • Get access to a complete India-specific GST compliance suite with Low factoring fees
  • No website required. Customers can swiftly pay their invoices online on a webpage safely generated by our payment platform.

Teller B2B-Invoicing Workflow

Benefits of the Teller B2B-Invoicing Solution to Suppliers and Distributors

Over the last few years, the adoption of e-invoicing has really picked up pace. We trust that over the next few years this will have a major impact on supply chains.Thanks to Easebuzz, it's easy for suppliers and distributors to send e-invoices to all their customers, regardless of size, industry, or geographic location.

  • Faster payments
  • Fewer rejected invoices
  • Auto-Bank Reconciliation
  • Delivery costs can be reduced
  • Distributor/Supplier portal is included

Choosing the right B2B invoicing solution provider can make a huge difference in ensuring that the majority of your supply chain network can integrate with you in the most cost effective way.

Features of Teller - B2B Invoicing Solution

Flexible end-to-end integration with any ERP or Accounting Systems

Option to upload bulk invoices

Examine received and issued invoices

Accurate, timely, scalable and cost effective accounting and bookkeeping B2B solution.

Smoothly customize payment pages

Create Pay Now buttons on your e-invoices

Reports and analytics for better tracking

Advance validation to control errors

Purchase request tracking to help validate expenditure

Manage your vendors seamlessly on the platform.

Manage all invoicing operations through a single user friendly console

Enables customized invoice printing

Why Teller is the most affordable and perfect B2B invoicing partner?

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