Easycollect is a simple API that can integrate with any software. It reads the due date of your subscription payments and auto-generates payment link for all your products at one go. It is smart and intelligent to send customized email and SMS reminders just before the due-dates so that your customer can pay anytime, anywhere and from any device.



  • We do marketing of your products and services with invoice details auto-generated to your customers
  • Reduction of manual followups and reconciliation
  • Customize email and SMS content for followups on the click of a button
  • Real time payment updates
  • Manage all payment related activities from a single dashboard

Value proposition

A complete API integration toolkit to manage your subscription-based payments. Now no need to send any manual reminders to your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

 How can I use Easycollect ?

Easycollect is an API based solution by which you can manage your subscription based payments. Just sign-up on easebuzz - https://auth.easebuzz.in/easebuzz/signup Register yourself with KYC documents and then your relationship manager will call you for API integration. Integrate the API into your software and include subscription based payments in the API with due dates. Easycollect will auto-generate links with due-dates to your customers and will also remind them via email and SMS on their mobile phone, email.

How is Easycollect better than normal payment link solution ?

Easycollect is an API driven software that can integrate and read values from your own software and sends payment link with reminders on it’s own. There is no manual effort to generate links for your product. In payment link you have to manually create and disburse links to your customers to collect payments. In Easycollect it is auto-generated and response to payments is also sent back from our server to your server without any manual efforts.

What all payment modes can work in Easycollect ?

All payment modes will work. This is a seamless integration where all debit cards, credit cards, netbanking, ola post paid, wallets, EMI and Debit + ATM will work .

What are the charges of this software ?

This software is absolutely free with no set-up charges. We will just charge the payment gateway charges to you.