Automate your vendor payouts with

Easily add invoice entries of vendors along with auto TDS Calculation. Instantly make vendor payouts and auto-reconcile for easy reporting.

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Smart vendor payment solution for businesses

Simplify your vendor payouts and send TDS payments on time. Manage vendor creation, track payouts, set approval flow for invoice creation and invoice payment, use multiple payment modes including NEFT, RTGS, IMPS and UPI, Auto-reconcile and auto-sync with Tally.

Manage and create payout invoices with a powerful dashboard

  • Manage vendor creation

  • End-to-end automation for adding, tracking, and settling invoices with TDS payments

  • Payment approval flow on invoice creation and invoice payment

  • Verifying bank account details before sharing

  • Schedule invoices for payouts and share via email

  • Payment modes NEFT, RTGS, IMPS and UPI

Maintain vendor accounts

  • Manage vendor creation with an approval flow

  • Handle multiple bank accounts of a single vendor

  • Activate and deactivate vendor accounts

  • Upload vendor KYC details with profile updates

Create smart invoicing with Tax calculation

Add GST & TDS category and auto-calculate the final amount for payment.

Auto-reconciliation and reporting with Tally

With Tally integration you can import tally invoices directly to your vendor payouts account and make payments to vendors.

Verify your payouts on every transaction

Verify payout amount and beneficiary account details using a verification request via Penny Drop, VPA verification for Bank and UPI status.

Manage payouts approval with maker-checker flow

Establish a workflow for vendor payments approval and control the payments process using rule-based permissions.

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We are very happy with Easebuzz services and find it easy-to-use not only from a business perspective but also from a developer's point of view. We look forward to taking this partnership further.

The best part about the Easebuzz API solution is their smooth onboarding process that automates the procedure including underwriting- making it effortless. Products from the Easebuzz Payment Solution Suite including BridgeBuzz and FeesBuzz have helped us in collecting payments with no fuss.

The development team at BigBasket found payment solutions easy-to-use. The service quality is awesome and helps us save on cost of operation. Easebuzz brings value in terms of customer satisfaction with their high success rates on payment solutions followed by easy-to-use seamless APIs.

We have onboarded close to 200 agents across India who are benefiting from these Easebuzz solutions. Life has become easier, targets have increased and the cashless digital payment solution that Easebuzz is providing would be the way forward.

Helpful in conducting events and training where we use their services in tracking attendance and payments. Their services also came in use for keeping track of payments that are coming from customers. I would highly recommend it for any MSME looking for any easy, transparent and very effective solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vendor payouts is an automated tool to track vendor payments with smart Invoices using TDS payments. You can manage multiple bank details for vendor accounts and pay via NEFT, RTGS, IMPS and UPI.

Enter the gross payable amount in the invoice; it will automatically calculate TDS and view the final payout amount.

The maker will create the Invoice and share approval for payments. Admin can verify the bank account details and Invoice details and share the approval for payment.