Automatically split payments and settle funds with Slices

Slices API helps to split, settle, and reconcile payments. It simplifies collection and distribution of funds across multiple parties as per allocated commissions.

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Easily split incoming payments to multiple vendors with Slices

Slices API allows businesses to automatically split payments, settle funds, and deduct their commissions. It comes with customizable features for handling multi-party settlements and guaranteeing a seamless settlement process. Marketplaces, aggregators or any franchisee based business can easily split and settle payments into multiple bank accounts using Slices.

  • Use Slices and split the received payments across multiple seller bank accounts conveniently.

  • Settle vendor payments according to the defined split commission.

  • Make use of Slices and split your educational fees, course fees, installment fees, etc.

  • Set your split percentage and settle into various bank accounts and get customised MIS reports as per the requirement.

  • Manage disbursement of payments for maintenance, utilities, deposits, etc. without any hassle.

  • Slices gives real estate businesses a solution to directly split the payments and manage the payouts.

  • With Easebuzz, subscription based businesses can distribute percentage-wise payments to the local operators and ISP providers.

  • Businesses can easily save time and resources while splitting the payments and automate their reconciliation process.

Benefits of split payments with Slices

  • Robust dashboard

    Keep a track of your payments with real-time analytics on Easebuzz dashboard

  • Timely split of payments

    With Slices, payments are split and auto-credited to multiple bank accounts

  • Faster settlements

    Faster settlements into multiple bank accounts

  • Get timely notifications

    With webhook-based reconciliation, get notified on payouts initiated to each of the split accounts

  • Safe and secure payments

    PCI DSS level-1 compliance and end-to-end encryption makes the payment transactions safe and secure

  • Avoid revenue leakage

    Configure vendor or seller payouts, track balances, and easily reconcile to avoid revenue leakage problem

Split payment gateway for your business

Slices save time by settling funds to multiple vendors or partners directly in their bank accounts. Start using Slices and manage your split payments from a single dashboard. Watch the video to know more.

What our customers say about us

The development team at BigBasket found payment solutions easy-to-use. The service quality is awesome and helps us save on cost of operation. Easebuzz brings value in terms of customer satisfaction with their high success rates on payment solutions followed by easy-to-use seamless APIs.

George Francis
Marketing Lead

We have seen immense improvement in our fees collection process with Easebuzz as they have automated and digitized reconciliation for us. Even for parents, it has become a secure, faster way to pay fees. Typical challenges like fee refunds, defaults, and splitting fees between departments as per courses are solved easily with the solution provided to us.

Pinak Agrawal
Operations Officer - Branding & Media Relations
Parul University

As a leading real estate company, we at DLF required a solution to streamline our payment process and ensure accurate settlements for our collections. Easebuzz provided comprehensive payment solutions by understanding our needs. The API integration made it seamless for us to generate customer-specific payment links, and transaction-wise settlements ensured accurate reconciliation of our accounts. The sub-merchant module also provided flexibility in managing our individual properties and collection process.

Ms. Sandhya Singla
General Manager - Sales Finance and Accounts

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Frequently Asked Questions

Split payment is a method to help businesses accept payments, deduct commissions, and automatically settle payments to their vendors. Slices is a VAS solution that splits the payment and also comes with an embedded payment gateway that can help businesses make their transactions secure using Slices.

Slices from Easebuzz helps businesses to reconcile all the vendor transactions. Every reconciliation is notified on dashboard with webhook feature to help track the transactions.

Slices from Easebuzz helps to manage end-to-end vendor split payment lifecycle. It takes care of splitting of payments to settlement of payments to the right vendors and also helps in reconciliation.

Yes, you can make instant payouts or schedule the payment to vendors.

Businesses can link “n” number of accounts using Slices to split, settle and reconcile the payments to different vendors.