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Automatically Split Payments & Settle Funds to vendors on every sale with Slices

Reconcile, split, and settle payments within minutes.

Slices is an API that allows a merchant to split payments to different vendors automatically. This API will track balances, batch earnings to payouts and will transfer to vendors.

With Slices, we pay you and your vendors according to the commission split that you define.

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About Slices

Marketplaces and aggregators need to split payments into multiple parts to enable payments to vendors. The Slices API allows businesses to automatically split payments, settle funds, and deduct their commissions. Transferring payments to different vendors and then doing reconciliation with respect to vendor earnings and marketplace commissions can become a revenue leakage problem. Easebuzz manages this problem with a simple API where a marketplace can configure vendor payouts and track balances, reconcile their payouts with vendor payments from a single API.

Slices at glance

A Complete Vendor or Partner Payout Management Solution

Easily split incoming payments and transfer to multiple accounts.

Payments are auto-credited to multiple bank accounts based on chosen settlements cycle.

Easy Onboarding of vendors with compliances and KYC completion.

Make sure you are not missing any credits or invoices with our automated Vendor reconciliation process

Fastest settlement in your bank account. “T”+1 for cards and all UPI, “T”+2 for net banking transactions.

Slices End-to-End Vendor split money Payments Lifecycle Management

For Marketplaces and Aggregators

  • features

    Appropriate for you when you have multiple vendors and you do not have a Nodal account.

  • features

    Manage your vendor payments from one single dashboard.

  • features

    Ensure all KYC compliances and GST procedures are met.

For Educational Institutions

  • features

    Save time by settling funds to your vendors or partner directly with their bank account.

  • features

    Easebuzz provides a solution through which payments can be directly settled with necessary compliances and compiled MIS reports.

For Subscription based businesses

  • features

    Subscription based businesses want to settle funds to their vendors and charge a commission on each transaction.

  • features

    Our split payment methodology seamlessly works on vendor payments” where each transaction can be charged with a commission.

  • features

    Manage your finances seamlessly in real time, with Easebuzz.

Slices Key Benefits

  • Integrate with our simple APIs and start transacting in less than 10 mins.

  • A robust dashboard to help you keep a track of your payments with real-time analytics and customisable reports.

  • Easebuzz is PCI DSS level 1 compliant with several other security features like comodo security, end to end encryption and additional fraud prevention.

  • A dedicated technical support team that ensures 24/7 help desk support with guaranteed response time.

how it works

How Slices split payments Works

  • Initiate Vendor sign up with necessary KYC details

  • Customer makes a payment corresponding to a transaction

  • Easebuzz pays the vendor and calculates the commission on each transaction to be paid and then settles it to the merchant

  • Your dashboard reflects the reconciliation report with respect to the payouts initiated to each vendor and merchant

With Slices

Pay your vendors faster and automate the vendor payment process. ExploreSlices

A complete vendor payment lifecycle automation partner for your business

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Frequently Asked Questions

Split payment is a means by which payment for a single order of goods or services is made using more than one payment method.

Vendor reconciliation is the reconciliation of accounts payable for a vendor with the statement provided by the particular vendor.

Yes, Easebuzz manages the entire vendor payout process.

Yes, you can make instant payouts or schedule the payment to vendors.

You can link “n” number of accounts while using Slices to split payment.

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