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Easy collection & efficient reconciliation with the power of QR

SmartOrder enables you to execute your collection requests more efficiently with the power of multi-purpose QR code.

Single Payment Order

  • Single payment order comes with a dynamic QR code & virtual account.

  • QR can accept either a fixed amount or dynamic amount.

  • Once the payment is done, the order will be marked as completed & QR will be deactivated for any further payments.

Recurring Payment Order

  • Recurring Payment Order comes with a QR code that can accept multiple payments against the same order.

  • Recurring payments can be collected for fixed or dynamic amounts.

  • Once the order is fulfilled, QR will be deactivated for any further payments.


  • why choose us

    Order tracking & reconciliation

    Collect single or multiple payments against an order and reconcile automatically with the help of webhooks.

  • why choose us

    Dashboard & API Access

    Orders can be created from dashboard as well as API for better accessibility and easy integration.

  • why choose us

    Automated whatsapp notifications

    This will help in receiving timely payments from the customer.

  • why choose us

    UPI 2.0 & Autopay (comingsoon)

    With the power of UPI 2.0, start auto-collecting payments from your customer via one time UPI mandate.

Use Cases

  • Loan Repayments

    Collect loan EMIs with the recurring payment orders. Automated whatsapp reminders will help customers pay EMIs on time.

  • Insurance Premium Collection

    Insurance premium collection will become easier with automated reminder & autopay functionality.

  • Cash on Delivery

    Collect cash on delivery payments digitally with the help of fixed amount QR.

  • Subscription amount collection

    Collect subscription amounts via UPI and reconcile it against the order.

Developers Friendly

  • SmartOrder comes with easy to integrate powerful APIs that your developers will have fun integrating. Each operation is accessible over API.

  • Easy to understand & integrate.

  • Highly secure with our authentication mechanism.

  • Faster response time.

  • Webhook functionality will help you get real-time updates on payment status updates.