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Please review our FAQ list to troubleshoot problems that you may be having. If you cannot find an answer to your questions, please submit a call ticket and our techincal support staff will contact you as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is Easebuzz and how it can be used?

    Easebuzz is a platform for individual sellers or Freelancers who want to sell their products to their own audiences. You can create a link for products related to Events, Physical items, Digital goods or services. The link created is customizable, which then becomes your tool to share via Whatsapp, SMS , email or on Social media.The major differentiating factor is that apart from usual listing that many of the websites provide, we give you an option to receive payments from anytime & anywhere. With Easebuzz you also have an option to receive custom payments from your buyers. All this is done with 0 set-up fees, hosting charges or maintenance fees.

  • Is Easebuzz Safe?

    Yes, Easebuzz is absolutely safe. We use a 128 bit encryption which securely transmits information to the respective banks for payment processing. We are also PCI-DSS compliant. PCI DSS provides a baseline of technical and operational requirements designed to protect cardholder data. For more info click here.The payment processing is being done by one of the most trusted and leading banks of the country.

  • What is the signup process on easebuzz ?

    Click here to sign-up on easebuzz After you sign-up, you will get an email for verification. Verify your email and then login by clicking here Once you login you would be asked to fulfill your KYC documents which includes -

    a. The front page of your bank statement, cheque book or PassBook.
    b. Your Pan Card and Pan card number

    We need your bank account details where we could do the payouts to you. Once done, we take maximum of 48 hours to approve your account.

  • What is the KYC documentation process and which documents are required ?

    The KYC documents required as per RBI guidelines includes the following -

    a. Your Pan card and Card number
    b. The front page of your bank statement, cheque book or passbook.

    Once a user signs up on easebuzz, he/she is required to fulfill all the requirements of KYC. Once done, we approve your account in maximum of 48 hours. If you are a NGO then you will have to send us additional 2 documents apart from the above on -

    1.Audited Balance Sheet
    2.NGO Registration Certificate

    Once your account has been approved you can start creating payment links and start receiving online payments or use our payment API's to receive online payments from your own website.

  • I dont want to upload my KYC documents. What can be done?

    We have a support staff at or call us on +91-8275303542. They are there to help you with the upload of documents.We are available from morning 9 AM till evening 7 PM.

  • What is a Digital Shop?

    A digital shop is a webpage that gets created once you list your product. The product that you list could be in the form of an event,digital item,physical item or any service that you provide. A digital shop is the place where a buyer sees your offerings and then buys it after seeing your product

  • What is the notification process of purchase that happens through Easebuzz?

    Whenever a customer purchases anything from Easebuzz then you will receive a notification plus your Dashboard also reflects the purchase that has been made. Both the customer and the merchant is notified of the purchase through email and SMS.

  • When will I get paid from Easebuzz?

    You get paid automatically whenever there is a transaction corresponding to your product listed on our portal. We take 3-4 working days to transfer the amount in your account. After the payment has been done, you will receive a notification on your phone (SMS) and an email from us. You can also check your payout information within the payouts section of the portal.

  • How can I list my FREE product or service?

    Everytime you list a product there is an option to list a paid item or a free item. In case it is free, then the buyer is asked to share the product on facebook in order to buy it. We call this term "Social pay". Social pay is a mechanism by which you allow your customer to receive the product if he/she shares it on facebook.

  • Can I place an offer on Easebuzz?

    Yes, there is an option on Easebuzz by which you can reduce the original price of the product and make it an offer. While listing your product on the portal we ask if this has to be made an offer. Just enter the original and the current price of the product and the system shall calculate the offer percentage and publish the product as an offer.

  • How am I supposed to sell the item I have listed?

    Once you list your product or item then there is a shortlink generated. You can also customize your shortlink as per your choice. This shortlink can be easily shared with friends or companions whereby which a customer can make a purchase. Once a purchase takes place then you are notified about the same and the same is also reflected within your dashboard.

  • Is there a marketing medium provided within Easebuzz?

    Yes, each of the merchant who wants to sell his/her product can send out an SMS or even bulk email to his list of customers. We offer 100 free credits for bulk email and bulk SMS. We also publish your product on request, to our facebook page which has more than 15,000 followers as of now. You can also share the links made by you to enhance your presence through whatsapp,email or social media.

  • What is a Payment link and how it is used ?

    After you have completed your sign-up process on Easebuzz, you can login on Easebuzz by clicking here - . Whenever there is a need to receive payments from your customers for any of the products, then click on "Dashboard" and then click on "Create a link". This link carries the information about your product or service and you are allowing customers to see the product before payment. This link can be shared on any of the communication channels like Facebook, Whatsapp, Email, SMS or any social media channel

  • What is Easepay ?

    "Easepay" is a link which is linked to your username. A customer can just open the URL as per the username of the merchant and pay to him directly. No need to share bank account details and IFSC code,etc. Just click on the Easepay link and then enter the username of the merchant, customer details and then pay via Debit, Credit or any of the netbanking options. Just enter and then pay. Example -