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Frequently asked questions

What is Easebuzz and how it can be used?
Is Easebuzz Safe?
What is the signup process on easebuzz ?
What is the KYC documentation process and which documents are required ?
I dont want to upload my KYC documents. What can be done?
What currencies are supported?
What is the best pricing you can give?
What is the refund process?
What is the settlement cycle ?
What is a Digital Shop?
What is the notification process of purchase that happens through Easebuzz?
When will I get paid from Easebuzz?
How can I list my FREE product or service?
Can I place an offer on Easebuzz?
How am I supposed to sell the item I have listed?
Is there a marketing medium provided within Easebuzz?
What is a Payment link and how it is used ?
What is Easepay ?
What are penalty charges ?