Imagine a world where recurring payments, like subscription fees, gym memberships, and even school fees, glide through your finances seamlessly without a single reminder or missed deadline. Enter UPI Autopay with Easebuzz, your gateway to an effortless payment experience.

Gone are the days of manual transfers, forgotten passwords, and frantic last-minute scrambles. UPI Autopay simplifies recurring payments by leveraging the power of the Unified Payments Interface (UPI), India’s favorite digital payment method. With just a few taps, you can authorize automatic deductions for your regular bills, ensuring timely payments and peace of mind.

But how does it work? It’s simple as 1-2-3

That’s it! Once authorized, Easebuzz takes care of the rest: no more missed deadlines, late fees, or frantic logins. Your bills are paid automatically, on time, every time.

But the benefits go beyond convenience:

  • Security: UPI Autopay operates within the secure framework of your bank, ensuring complete data protection and transaction safety.

  • Transparency: Get immediate notifications and detailed statements for every autopay transaction, keeping you in control of your finances.

  • Flexibility: Modify or revoke mandates anytime, giving you complete control over recurring payments.

  • Stress-free budgeting: Plan your monthly expenditure easily, knowing your essential bills are covered automatically.

UPI Autopay with Easebuzz isn’t just for personal use. Businesses and merchants can also leverage its power to:

  • Streamline subscription billing: Offer convenient autopay options to your customers, increasing subscriber loyalty and reducing churn.

  • Simplify recurring payments: Accept automatic fees for memberships, utility bills, or regular services, improving operational efficiency.

  • Reduce payment delays: Eliminate the hassle of chasing invoices and overdue payments, ensuring consistent revenue flow.

How UPI Autopay Powers Growth Across Industries

Imagine growing your business by 4 times! Sounds unbelievable. But for numerous companies across diverse sectors, UPI Autopay with Easebuzz has become the secret sauce to explosive growth. Let’s explore how this revolutionary payment solution is fueling success in various industries:

NBFCs & Digital Lending Apps:

  • Effortless Loan Payments: Offer seamless auto-debit for loan EMIs, boosting repayment rates and reducing defaults.

  • Improved Customer Experience: Eliminate late payments and paperwork hassles, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Edtech & Educational Institutions:

  • Simplified Fee Collection: Automate tuition fee collection, streamlining operations and improving cash flow.

  • Increased Enrollment: Offer convenient recurring payment options, attracting more students and boosting revenue.

Financial Services:

  • Automated Subscriptions: Simplify monthly payments for insurance premiums, wealth management fees, and other recurring services.

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Reduce manual reconciliation and paperwork, freeing up resources for growth initiatives.

Rental Platforms:

  • Guaranteed Rent Payments: Eliminate late rent anxieties and secure timely payments from tenants.

  • Reduced Vacancies: Attract reliable tenants with hassle-free auto-rent options, minimizing least downtime.

OTT Platforms & Content Subscription Services:

  • Improved Subscriber Retention: Streamline recurring subscription payments, minimizing churn and maximizing viewer engagement.

  • Reduced Operational Costs: Automate billing and payment processes, lowering administrative overhead and boosting profitability.

Bill Payments:

  • Effortless Utility & Service Bills: Automate rent, electricity, water, and other household bill payments, ensuring peace of mind for everyone.

  • Reduced Late Fees & Penalties: Never miss a payment again, preventing unnecessary charges and protecting credit scores.

Easebuzz offers diverse features to cater to your specific needs, from managing multiple mandates to setting payment limits and generating insightful reports. With their commitment to user-friendliness and innovation, Easebuzz makes UPI Autopay accessible and beneficial for everyone.

So, embrace the future of recurring payments. Stop battling deadlines and forgotten bills. Take control of your finances and experience the effortless convenience of UPI Autopay with Easebuzz. Sign up today and discover a world where payments flow automatically.

Ready to simplify your life? Visit the Easebuzz website or contact our friendly team today to unlock the power of UPI Autopay!


What is autopay in UPI?

UPI Autopay lets you set up automatic payments for things like bills, subscriptions, and investments directly from your bank account using your UPI app. It’s convenient and avoids late fees.

Is UPI auto pay safe?

Yes, UPI Autopay is safe. It uses secure bank-level encryption and requires your UPI PIN for each mandate.

Can we stop UPI autopay?

Absolutely! You can easily stop UPI Autopay anytime through your UPI app. Look for the “Mandates” or “Autopay” section and follow the instructions.

UPI Autopay app?

There’s no separate app. You manage Autopay directly within your existing UPI app like PhonePe, Google Pay, or Paytm.

UPI autopay charges?

Generally, there are no charges for using UPI Autopay. However, some merchants might have small fees, so check before setting up a mandate.

How to cancel upi autopay?

Canceling Autopay is simple. Open your UPI app, find the “Mandates” or “Autopay” section, choose the mandate you want to stop, and follow the app’s instructions.


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