The internet has broken down geographical barriers, unlocking numerous opportunities for businesses. However, when it comes to expanding reach and collecting payments from international customers, navigating the complexities of cross-border transactions can be overwhelming. Easebuzz International Payment Gateway addresses this challenge, providing a seamless solution to accept payments from around the world and fuel international business growth.

Understanding the need: Why an International Payment Gateway matters

For businesses entering the international arena, accepting payments from diverse customers is crucial. Traditional methods like bank transfers or credit card processing often involve hefty fees, complex paperwork, and delayed settlements, causing friction for international customers and potentially impacting sales and brand image.

An international payment gateway bridges this gap, offering a secure and streamlined platform to accept payments from various countries and currencies. It simplifies the process for customers, allowing them to pay in their preferred method while ensuring timely and transparent settlement for businesses.

Easebuzz: A payment solutions provider for global success

Easebuzz International Payment Gateway is a comprehensive and customer-centric solution for international payment needs, empowering cross-border journeys in the following ways:

  1. Global reach, Localized experience:

    • Accept payments from over 30+ countries and territories in multiple currencies, including major ones like USD, EUR, GBP, and AUD.

    • Integrate seamlessly with websites or apps, providing a frictionless checkout experience for international customers.

    • Offer a diverse range of payment methods catering to local preferences, from credit and debit cards to popular e-wallets and regional payment options.

  2. Security and transparency

    • Benefit from industry-leading security protocols like PCI DSS compliance and multi-layered fraud prevention measures.

    • Enjoy real-time transaction tracking and clear settlement reports, providing control and transparency.

    • Implement advanced risk management tools to minimize fraudulent transactions and protect businesses.

  3. Streamlined operations and growth

    • Automate currency conversion to eliminate manual calculations and ensure accurate transactions.

    • Simplify reconciliation with automated reports and settlements, saving valuable time and resources.

    • Leverage powerful analytics tools to gain insights into the international customer base and optimize marketing and sales strategies.

  4. Online payment of school fees?

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  6. Online system for school fee payments?

  7. Streamline your school fee management with modern online systems like FeesBuzz. Automate reminders, generate reports, and reconcile payments instantly, freeing up your valuable time for what matters most.

Beyond transactions: A growth partner, Not just a payment gateway

Easebuzz goes beyond processing payments, offering value-added services to support international growth:

  • Dedicated account managers provide personalized support and guidance for smooth onboarding and ongoing success.

  • Flexible pricing plans cater to specific business needs and transaction volumes.

  • Extensive documentation and support resources empower users to navigate international payment intricacies.

Making the choice: Easebuzz vs. the Competition

Easebuzz stands out with competitive pricing, comprehensive features, and a commitment to customer success. Here’s why Easebuzz is the preferred choice

  • Transparent pricing: No hidden fees or surprise charges, just clear and predictable costs.

  • Focus on customer success: Dedicated support team and extensive resources guide users every step of the way.

  • Scalability and flexibility: Grow business with a platform that adapts to evolving needs

  • Proven track record: Trusted by thousands of businesses across India and beyond, with a strong reputation for reliability and security.

Ready to take your business global?

With Easebuzz International Payment Gateway, conquering the globe is within reach. Sign up today and experience the power of seamless cross-border transactions, streamlined operations, and accelerated international growth.

Struggling with complex API integrations and confusing currency conversions?

Say hello to Easebuzz’s Real-Time Currency Conversion! - Simple. Seamless. Powerful.

Just imagine:

  • No more code juggling: Skip time-consuming API integrations and enjoy effortless currency conversion built right into Easebuzz.

  • Real-time magic: Watch exchange rates update instantly, ensuring accurate transactions for every customer, every time.

  • Global expansion made easy: Accept payments from anywhere in the world, in any currency, without breaking a sweat.

  • Happy customers, happy you: Offer customers smooth, transparent transactions that build trust and loyalty.

But wait, there’s more!

Easebuzz is your all-in-one payment gateway solution, providing:

  • Online payments: Accept payments directly on your website or app.

  • All-in-One QR: One QR code for all your payment needs, both online and offline.

  • Payment Links: Create and share instant payment links for secure transactions on-the-go.

But how does this benefit you?

  • Reduce drop-offs: International customers won’t be surprised by unexpected conversion fees at checkout.

  • Boost sales: Make prices more transparent and attractive to global buyers.

  • Simplify finances: Manage all international transactions in one place with Easebuzz.

Remember, Easebuzz is not just a payment gateway; it’s your partner in global success.


  1. What is an international payment gateway?

  2. International payment gateway: A secure platform like Easebuzz lets you accept payments from anywhere in the world in various currencies and methods.

  3. How do you get an international payment gateway in India?

  4. Easebuzz in India: Sign up for a free account, integrate with your platform, and activate cross-border payments. Simple!

  5. Which is the best payment gateway for international transactions?

  6. Best for international transactions: Easebuzz offers competitive fees, reliable security, and 24/7 support, making it a top choice.

  7. International global pay account?

  8. Global pay account: Not everyone offers dedicated global accounts, but Easebuzz simplifies international transactions with clear currency conversions.

  9. How does Easebuzz reduce user drop-offs for international payments?

  10. Nobody likes surprise fees or confusing conversion charges. Easebuzz eliminates those headaches by displaying the final INR amount upfront for your customers. Transparency builds trust, leading to higher conversion rates and happier international buyers.

  11. How do you receive international payments in India?

  12. Receive international payments in India: With Easebuzz, your Indian account seamlessly receives funds from global customers converted to INR.

  13. How can I easily receive money from foreign countries for online sales?

    • Sign up for Easebuzz and activate Real-Time Currency Conversion.

    • Integrate Easebuzz with your website or app.

    • Start accepting international payments! Your customers can pay in their preferred currency, while you receive the converted INR instantly.

  14. How long does it take to receive money internationally?

  15. Funds typically arrive in your Easebuzz account within 24 hours of the transaction being completed. That means no waiting around for weeks to access your international sales revenue.

  16. Want to know more about our All-in-One Payment Gateway?

  17. Explore the full range of features, including Online Payments, QR payments, and Payment Links.


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