Why do businesses opt for the Shopify Ecommerce platform with a payment gateway in India?

1. Ease of Use : Shopify offers a user-friendly interface, allowing even those new to Ecommerce to easily establish and manage online stores.

2. Scalability : The platform’s scalability accommodates business growth. Adding new products, features, and sales channels as your business expands is seamless.

3. Security : Shopify ensures customer data security through SSL encryption, safeguarding information transmitted through your store.

4. Payment gateways : Shopify integrates with prominent Indian payment gateways such as Easebuzz. This facilitates diverse payment options for customers.

Beyond these factors, businesses in India choose Shopify for several more reasons:

1. Global reach : Shopify enables businesses to tap into a global customer base, expanding market reach significantly.

2. Marketing tools : Shopify provides various marketing tools to promote products and services, aiding customer acquisition and sales growth.

3. Support : The platform offers 24/7 merchant support, assisting with store setup, order management, and issue resolution.

How shopify Ecommerce platform benefits from payment gateway

A payment gateway is a crucial component for any online store; even brick-and-mortar stores now rely on it. Shopify, an online commerce platform, simplifies store setup and product sales, but it goes beyond that by helping you accept payments seamlessly.

Payment gateways play a vital role by enabling customers to securely share their payment information with a designated bank. They receive instant responses about transaction approval or denial.

In essence, a payment gateway manages all transactions on your online store. Notably, these Ecommerce gateways perform various tasks such as verifying client account details, analyzing transaction patterns, processing payments, calculating taxes, and confirming address information in India.

Once the customer’s credit card information reaches the payment gateway, it deducts the purchase amount from the card. It transfers it and the applicable fees to the drop shipper’s bank account.

In summary, Shopify leverages a payment gateway to its advantage in the following ways:

1. Security and trust : Payment gateways ensure the confidentiality of customer payment data, building trust and credibility for your online store.

2. Smooth transactions : By managing transactions, payment gateways ensure seamless and hassle-free customer purchases.

3. Verification and compliance : Gateways verify account details, adhere to taxation rules, and confirm addresses, aligning with regulations in India.

4. Efficient financial flow : Payment gateways efficiently transfer funds from customer payments to the merchant’s bank account, streamlining the financial process.

Incorporating a reliable payment gateway enhances the shopping experience for customers and provides store owners with a secure and efficient way to manage transactions.

Selecting the right payment gateway for your shopify store

An Ecommerce store can only function with a proper payment gateway solution for customer transactions.

Shopify doesn’t have its own payment gateway in India, but it seamlessly integrates with third-party providers offering payment gateway solutions. Given the substantial sums involved in transactions, the security and reliability of payment gateways are crucial factors that influence customers’ willingness to do business with you. These gateways also simplify transaction management by centralizing all data in one place.

Consider the familiarity factor – people prefer to use payment methods they are accustomed to.

Business owners should have a clear understanding of all associated costs. Finding the most cost-effective way to conduct each business function is essential for success.

Offering multiple payment methods or gateways is beneficial, particularly if you target customers across India who have preferred payment choices.

Recognizing the significance of payment gateways for your Shopify store, let’s delve into Easebuzz’s Ecommerce payment gateway, a solution that seamlessly integrates with your online platforms.

Why opt for Easebuzz payment gateway on shopify?

Easebuzz stands out as a top choice for creating a tailored payment system, making it one of India’s leading and robust Shopify payment gateway options. Shopify offers a robust troubleshooting system, letting merchants focus on business matters while technical issues are managed by their service support.

Integrating easebuzz’s shopify payment gateway enables businesses to accept over 100 payment options, including credit cards, debit cards, net banking, UPI, and wallets. The integration provides secure payment processing and customizable checkout pages with low setup fees and minimal transaction charges.

Leveraging instant settlement and advanced Ecommerce features, merchants can accept various online payments. Easebuzz offers branded payment pages and customizable transaction reports. Being developer-focused, Easebuzz can be tailored to fit your business requirements.

With Easebuzz, no signup fees or binding contracts apply. They proudly avoid hidden charges for authorizations, statements, refunds, PCI compliance, and business cards.

Easebuzz goes beyond developer-centric; it supports business websites and applications and utilizes reliable, scalable, and secure cloud-based platforms.

In conclusion:

Integrating Easebuzz Shopify Payment Gateway empowers your Shopify site to receive payments directly. When conducting online business, Easebuzz payment gateway integration simplifies your operations.


1. How to set up a payment gateway on shopify?

Setting up a payment gateway on Shopify is easy. You can choose from various payment gateway options available in Shopify’s settings. To do this, log in to your Shopify admin, go to the “Settings” tab, and select “Payment providers.” You can choose and enable the payment gateway that best suits your needs. For Indian businesses, Easebuzz is a great choice due to its seamless integration and multiple payment options.

2. What payment gateway does shopify use?

Shopify offers a range of payment gateways that you can choose from based on your business requirements. Some popular payment gateways used by Shopify include PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.Net. In India, Easebuzz is a highly recommended payment gateway for Shopify due to its user-friendly integration and extensive payment options.

3. Best payment gateway for shopify India?

For businesses in India using Shopify, Easebuzz is considered one of the best payment gateway options. Easebuzz provides seamless integration with Shopify, allowing you to accept payments through various methods like credit cards, debit cards, net banking, UPI, and more. Its user-friendly interface, secure transactions, and custom checkout pages make it a reliable choice for Shopify stores in India.