AJIO’s rise as a dominant fashion icon in India

AJIO is quickly establishing itself as a prominent Apparel & Fashion E-Commerce brand. Beneath its exceptional progress lies AJIO’s innovative approach and unwavering commitment to delivering a unique fashion experience to Indian consumers. As AJIO’s popularity soars, it is a testament to its pioneering strategies and dedication to redefining the fashion landscape.

Cracking the code behind AJIO’s sales surge: Unveiling the driving forces

AJIO’s rise hinges on a versatile strategy. It blends an omnichannel approach that uses Reliance Trends’ extensive inventory with in-store coupon incentives. ‘Endless aisle’ kiosks offer direct deliveries and pickups.

In February 2023, AJIO launched “Sneakerhood 2.0,” aimed at global sneaker enthusiasts. This curated campaign features timeless and modern choices from top brands like Nike, Puma, and Converse. AJIO also introduces new brands like Asics and Diesel, catering to diverse sneaker tastes.

Embark on your AJIO online selling journey with these actionable steps

1. Opening an account on AJIO seller platform

  • Step 1: Setting Up Your Seller Account: Access the dedicated seller registration link: https://www.ajio.com/login/register/.

  • Step 2: Commence the registration process by enrolling as a supplier, ensuring you fulfill the stipulated requirements.

  • Step 3: Furnish your pertinent credentials and office address.

  • Step 4: Submit essential documents, including your PAN card, account particulars, and a canceled cheque.

  • Step 5: Complete all requisite details, select a suitable product category, and inaugurate your business.

Important note: To qualify as a seller, have the following documents ready: Aadhar card, current account details, company logo (if applicable), CIN and TAN certificate (for private/non-government companies), PAN card, GST details, optional MSME certificate, and brand certificate.

2. Enhance your chances of seller approval on AJIO

  • Step 1: Develop a compelling logo – An adeptly designed logo can elevate engagement and product visibility on AJIO.

  • Step 2: Secure a website URL that establishes credibility and enables AJIO to swiftly comprehend your company, products, and services.

  • Step 3: Attain an MSME certificate – This certification distinguishes your business in a competitive landscape and underscores its government validation.

  • Step 4: Register a trademark – A registered trademark bolsters your brand identity and augments your website and brand positioning. Alternatively, you can declare your brand via a self-declaration mechanism without a brand certificate.

3. The process of showcasing your products on Ajio.com

  • Step 1: Set up your seller account – Furnish your name, email, and phone number to initiate your Ajio account.

  • Step 2: Forge product listings – Present your items with vivid images, detailed descriptions, and prices that incorporate Ajio’s commission.

  • Step 3: Institute promotional endeavors – To heighten your sales prospects, institute promotional codes enabling potential buyers to access discounts.

  • Step 4: Amplify outreach – Amplify your listing’s reach by sharing it on social media platforms and disseminating it via email to prospective buyers.

4. How to maximize your profits on AJIO

Selling on AJIO.com can be an avenue to augment your earnings by featuring an array of products encompassing clothing, footwear, accessories, homeware, and beauty articles.

  • Step 1: Register for a seller account on AJIO – The process is uncomplicated, necessitating essential particulars like your name, email, and phone number.

  • Step 2: Enlist your products – Present them meticulously through well-lit images, comprehensive descriptions, and prices that factor into AJIO’s commission.

  • Step 3: Contact potential buyers through AJIO’s built-in messaging system, facilitating direct communication.

  • Step 4: Broaden your reach – Amplify your product’s visibility by leveraging social media channels and incorporating pertinent hashtags.

By adhering to these systematic steps, you can initiate sales and forge a profitable path on AJIO.

Frequently asked questions about selling on Ajio

1. How do I register as a seller on Ajio?

To become an Ajio seller, follow these steps:

  • Visit Ajio Seller Central.

  • Click “Register” and provide your email and password.

  • Fill in your business details and upload the required documents.

  • Agree to terms and conditions. Once registered, list your products with details and images in the appropriate category.

2. How does the selling process on Ajio work?

After listing, Ajio reviews and approves your products. Once approved, customers can buy your products on Ajio. Manage pricing, discounts, and promotions, keeping Ajio’s commission on successful sales in mind.

3. What is Ajio business?

Ajio Business is a platform that simplifies selling on Ajio:

  • Manage product listings efficiently.

  • Handle orders, inventory, and refunds through a user-friendly dashboard.

  • Process payments using multiple gateways.

  • Get 24/7 customer support.

4. How can I become an Ajio affiliate?

To join the Ajio Affiliate program:

  • Visit the Ajio Affiliate site.

  • Register with your email and password.

  • Share your website or blog URL.

  • Agree to the program’s terms. Get a unique affiliate link to promote on your site and earn commissions on purchases made through it.

5. Can I sell on both myntra and Ajio?

Yes, you can sell on both platforms, as they are part of the Flipkart group. Register separately on Myntra and Ajio, providing business details and documents. List products separately for each forum, considering category and commission differences.

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