For NGOs and Societies, every rupee counts. Their missions rely on the generosity of donors and members. However, traditional fundraising methods often suffer from inefficiency, lack of transparency, and administrative burdens. Late dues, manual paperwork, and outdated collection methods can drain valuable resources and time away from what truly matters: creating positive change.

Enter Easebuzz, a powerful suite of payment solutions designed specifically for the unique needs of the nonprofit sector. It’s not just about processing payments; it’s about empowering NGOs and Societies to maximize their impact, foster trust with supporters, and streamline their financial operations.

Simplified finances and trust: Building a foundation for success

Easebuzz tackles the core financial challenges faced by NGOs and Societies:

  • Multiple payment methods: Cater to diverse donor preferences with credit cards, net banking, wallets, and UPI acceptance, ensuring wider accessibility and increased contributions.

  • Transparency & accountability: Build trust with detailed reports and clear dashboards that showcase strictly how donations are used, fostering informed giving and donor satisfaction.

  • Streamlined fund management: Simplify cash flow with features like quick settlements (within 24 hours), automated reconciliations, and transparent transaction records, freeing up valuable time and resources.

  • Security & compliance: Rest assured with industry-leading data security and regulatory compliance measures, guaranteeing the safety of sensitive donor information.

Tailored solutions: Supercharging fundraising and engagement

Easebuzz goes beyond basic features, offering powerful tools designed to maximize every donation:

  • Multi-Channel donations: Capture contributions seamlessly from websites, social media, mobile apps, and even physical locations with QR code technology, reaching a wider audience and maximizing convenience.

  • Dedicated fundraising pages: Create compelling donation pages with personalized goals, impact stories, and progress tracking, igniting passion and inspiring more significant contributions.

  • Automated receipts & donor management: Automate thank-you notes and donation receipts, fostering stronger relationships and ensuring compliance. Manage donor information and track donation history to personalize communication and build lasting connections.

  • Bulk payouts: Distribute funds efficiently and securely to beneficiaries and vendors, ensuring smooth program execution and accountability.

  • Dedicated support: Access responsive customer support to ensure smooth platform navigation and address any queries, eliminating technical hurdles and maximizing efficiency.

Beyond transactions: A partner in social impact

Easebuzz recognizes the unique challenges faced by NGOs and Societies, offering additional support beyond its core platform:

  • Easebuzz for good: Discounted rates and waived charges are available for select NGOs, making the platform even more accessible to those making a significant impact.

  • Educational webinars: Regular webinars and workshops equip NGOs with the knowledge and skills to effectively leverage online fundraising and payment practices, maximizing their reach and impact.

  • Supporting social causes: Easebuzz actively participates in and supports various social causes, aligning with the values of the NGO and Society community it serves.

Solving payment collection and transfer challenges: A real-world impact


  • No more chasing late dues: Automated reminders and diverse payment options ensure timely contributions, eliminating administrative hassle and freeing up resources for mission-critical activities.

  • Crystal-clear financial transparency: Real-time reports and donor dashboards build trust and accountability, encouraging repeat donations and attracting new supporters.

  • Effortless fundraising campaigns: Dedicated tools and resources streamline the fundraising process, allowing NGOs and Societies to focus on their core mission and maximize campaign impact.

  • Seamless fund management: Automated settlements, reconciliations, and bulk payouts simplify financial operations, minimizing manual work and ensuring efficient resource allocation.

  • Stronger relationships with donors: Personalized communication and automated tools nurture lasting connections, leading to increased donor engagement and loyalty.

Easebuzz isn’t just a payment solution; it’s a strategic partner in your mission. Removing financial hurdles and streamlining operations empowers NGOs and Societies to focus on what they do best: creating positive change in the world. Join the countless change-makers already leveraging Easebuzz and experience the transformative power of simplified payment solutions that unlock your full potential for impact.


How to get donations for NGOs?

Attract donations with Easebuzz’s diverse online payment options (cards, wallets, UPI) on your website or through payment links/QR codes.

NGO donation receipt?

Manage donations with Easebuzz: track donations instantly, generate reports, and automate reconciliation.

Donation slip for NGO?

Easebuzz offers online solutions that simplify tracking and record-keeping, eliminating the need for manual slips.


Streamline your payment workflowswith Easebuzz