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We live in exciting times. It is the first time in the history of humanity when a new intelligence exists – not in the brains of varied species, but that resides in our own pockets. It is the first time in history when a piece of technology is defining our friendships and changing the way we work, walk and talk.
But as Thoreau once said: “Men have become the tools of their tools.” Technology, which was supposed to make our lives easier and comfortable, is proving to be the biggest drivers of stress, loneliness, weakened brainpower, and behavioral addiction. We may have all the information at our finger touch, but we are failing to lead a happier life.
In this book, the author uses real-life examples and case studies to identify the various ways technology and Internet have changed our lives leading to the stick-to-the-screen syndrome, or commonly referred to as digital addiction and cyber addiction. The book explores methods for better tech management and principles to build a better structure for a happier and healthier life.

About The Author

Ankita Aurora

Ankita is the founder of Morfosis, a personal development initiative for helping individuals and institutions evolve. She is a renowned behavioral trainer and a nationally recognized keynote speaker. She has been associated with several reputed organizations for helping people and businesses evolve for a happy, fulfilling and purposeful existence.As a leading life coach, she has helped thousands of individuals lead a balanced life with healthy technology habits. Ankita endeavors to raise human consciousness for a better, productive, healthier and happier living.

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