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Easebuzz Capital to fulfill every business need from expansion to working capital

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Easebuzz makes it easier and swifter for businesses who want capital to grow quickly. Any loan applied will be approved or disapproved within 48 hours after submission of all the documents with complete transparency in pricing

  • features

    Collateral-free Loans

    • To apply for capital, all we need is your Easebuzz transaction history for the past 6-months

  • features

    Speedy Approval

    • Skip the lengthy approval process and obtain the capital for your business

  • features

    Automated Daily Repayment

    • Forget tedious EMIs! We will automate it for you by deducting a percentage of your daily revenue against repayments

  • features

    One-time Fee, No Interest

    • No recurring, no hidden charges. Just an upfront fee between 1-1.5% per month

How it works?

  • Apply for business loan on Easebuzz Portal

  • Sign the Loan Agreement and Term Sheet ; Authenticate NACH link after loan approval (< 48 hours)

  • Receive funds in your bank account

  • Repay through daily deductions as a percentage of daily revenue

Who is eligible for taking loan?

  • features

    Merchant must have been using Easebuzz for collecting payments for last six months

  • features

    Last three months average GTV of merchant must be atleast 2 lakhs via Easebuzz payment gateway or link solution

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Frequently Asked Questions

Revenue-based financing (RBF) is a new alternative to more conventional equity-based investments (such as venture capital or angel investing) and debt financing. RBF loans let merchants raise funds without diluting equity or providing collateral, and the repayments happen as a percentage of daily revenue. This ensures that your business always has sufficient capital to take care of inventory and marketing needs.

As the financing is provided based on the previous 1-6 months' revenue tracked on the Easebuzz portal, you will not be required to provide any collateral and there will be no equity dilution.

With Revenue-based financing merchants can retain equity and keep complete ownership & control of their business. No need for declare any collateral to get the loan disbursed to you quickly.

No, loan is not being provided by Easebuzz as we are not a licensed NBFC. We have partnered with lending tech entities "Klub" to help you get loans quickly. Loans will be given by licensed NBFCs and the same would be mentioned in the loan agreement.

Yes, you can. In certain cases, you may be required to share a few extra documents with us such as bank statement of last 6-months and GSTR 3B etc.

Once you have applied and provided documents (if required) the loan gets approved within 48 hours. The disbursement happens on the same after you sign agreement and setup NACH.

The loan application can get rejected in case of a poor CIBIL rating, inaccurate documents submission and a history of high number of chargeback requests on your account.

Yes, there may be a CIBIL check by our lending partners.

Very minimal documentation is required. The exact list of documents varies by the merchant profile and lending partners requirements. In some cases, we do not even require bank statements. The exact list of documents would be requested post application.

No, there will be an upfront fees that will be deducted from the loan amount that gets disbursed to you. You repay only the total loan amount including the upfront fee.

No, the upfront fee gets deducted from your loan disbursement amount. Therefore, there is no cash outlay from you for this. Equally important, there is no burden on you till the time the loan actually gets disbursed.

There are no hidden charges. You are charged only an upfront fee. Delay/ delinquency charges etc. (as applicable) would be mentioned in the agreement that you sign before taking the loan.

Easy daily installments (EDI) will be deducted from your settlements/ payouts to repay the loan. This will happen as a percentage of your daily payouts which would be agreed at the time of taking loan.

The daily deduction is not a fixed amount, but a percentage of your daily collections. The same gets calculated based on your loan amount, tenure, and your average collections. This is mentioned and agreed at the time of taking loan.

No, you payback the amount agreed at the time of taking the loan. You don’t pay extra or less.

Don’t worry, it is not a default; your repayment for the day is zero on that day as we deduct percentage of your collections.

We readjust your repayment percentage at frequent intervals. The deduction percentage will keep on going down as you scale up.

RBF is organized in such a way that it can support fluctuating sales. When sales are low, the deductible amount is lowered as it is a percentage of your revenue/ sales; when sales are raised, the deductible amount increases. The amount gets reset at frequent intervals. The reset ensures that if your sales are increasing, the percentage is lowered thereby further reducing your daily deduction. If the sales decrease, the percentage gets increased to ensure that you are able to repay the loan in the agreed tenure.

While the repayment is done from your collections with Easebuzz, NACH is setup as a backup collection mechanism. It would be used only if the daily deduction from your collections with Easebuzz fall short to repay the loan.

In most cases, we setup only E-NACH. Some of our partners may require setting up of Physical NACH if the loan amount is more than Rs. 10 Lakhs (₹ 10,00,000).