Online Payment Gateways for E-Commerce provide businesses with the ability to accept credit cards and eCheck through online payment processing.

What Role Does Payment Gateway have in e-commerce?

In e-commerce, a payment gateway is a process used for accepting and processing payments over the internet. In order to receive payments, customers are required to provide credit or debit cards, expiration dates, and CVV codes. After this step, the buyer proceeds to pay. The money is deposited into the merchants’ accounts.

How Payment Gateways Helps Ecommerce Platforms

  • Online Payment gateways enable merchants and customers to approve transactions online.
  • transactions between merchants and customers are authorized through this system.
  • E-commerce platforms that offer payment gateways can facilitate the existence of their platforms, which enables them to improve the shopping experience for their customers.
  • In addition to providing fast and secure payments, eCommerce platforms expedite ease of use and success throughout the entire process.
  • E-commerce Payment Gateway services can be offered by banks or third-party providers authorized by banks.

Online Payment Gateway Features When Taking Ecommerce Platforms

  1. Security of Customers

Security is the most important feature consideration when buying products and services online. Because the customer provides some personal information, it’s only reasonable to worry about security. Buying goods and services online shouldn’t be done without security in mind.

  1. RBI and Government Guidelines

Payments online are secure due to guidelines and norms established by the government and RBI. One of these standards is PCI-DSS. PCI-DSS is a set of operational and technical guidelines for accepting and processing online payments. Payment processing companies complying with PCI-DSS standards ensure all customer information is protected while being transported.

  1. Methods of Payment

Recently, many customers prefer to pay with their debit cards or credit cards, while others prefer to use digital wallets. If the payment option they prefer is not available on the checkout page, the customer may simply move to another e-commerce platform.

  1. How Payment Gateway Integration with Ecommerce Helps

Having a seamless, comfortable experience from beginning to end is most appealing to customers. As a merchant, you ensure that customers are guided smoothly through the entire purchase process from the moment they click or go on your website, app or Webstore.

A payment gateway integrated into the website allows both merchants and customers to receive instant notifications, cutting down on administrative tasks. Since the payment gateway is integrated, employees do not need to handle and interact with the payment process.

By offering this feature, customers of your e-commerce platform are able to make payments online without being redirected, increasing your credibility with your customers.

  1. Integration of Payment Gateways for Easy-Checkouts

The Checkout page or shopping cart page is equally crucial as you focus on improving the browsing experience and payment process. There are several things you should consider when designing this page. You should give clear instructions to the customer on how to proceed.

In order to simply the checkout process, it is best if only the most basic information is requested on the checkout page. Product and payment information, along with payment options, must be readily available on the checkout page.

  1. Speedy Transaction Processing

A faster transaction processing speed gives customers a hassle-free shopping experience. A quicker transaction processing speed ensures the smooth flow of funds between the retailer and the customer.

The Easebuzz payment gateway for e-commerce platforms simplifies accepting online payments and speedy transaction processes for many merchants. Besides the below-listed features, Easebuzz also provides additional services such as free web-store creation, SMS-based invoicing, customized decks and free payment collection links.


To compete successfully in the growing virtual shopping industry, payment gateways are essential tools for all merchants. The right eCommerce payment gateway can save money, increase profits, and yield long-term success for your business to help you outlast the competition. Consider your business needs and growth goals to choose the best e-commerce payment gateway for your business.

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